I love early planners! (tree pocketfold invitation)

Melissa had a pretty clear idea of what she wanted for invitations in terms of design and budget. Her colors are green, brown and ivory and the wedding theme is trees (my favorite). She would also need 2 inserts- an info card with accomodations and maps and of course a response card. She gave me this image of a picture she and her fiance have of a tree they really like.

tree picture

Based on that, I came up with a tree graphic and laid out 3 different schemes within Melissa’s budget.

Scheme #1- brown pocketfold (portrait layout) with a khaki envelope


Scheme #2- brown pocketfold (landscape layout). The tree graphic was enlarged and used as a background and leaves were introduced as an accent.


Scheme #3- Green bi-fold invitation with a brown envelope. I wanted to present a scheme that flipped the color concentrations of the above schemes, so green was the main color.


Melissa chose Scheme 1. I’ll post the final invitation proof once we have it worked out. We are also working on escort cards, table numbers and programs. Melissa has been so great to work with and I love that she is starting early for her June 2008 wedding!

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