Oh shucks! (glam invitation)

So I didn’t end up getting the order for this invitation 😦 but I really like it so I thought I’d post. The request was for something modern-glam with a touch of girly. The wedding colors were black, gray, white, green and pink. The bride wanted to save the pink for the reception and have the invitations just have a touch of green. And she wanted to incorporate squares into the reception decor as well as crystals and possibly feathers. And the bride liked graphics.

I have been really digging chandeliers lately and I thought it would be the perfect time to create a bold graphic chandelier- modern and glam all in one. The chandelier was embellished with a green swarovski crystal. And the backing to the chandelier and invitation is a graphic I made based on a brocade pattern that looked ‘feathery’. There is a pocket on the backside with a square cut out revealing the title of the contents of the pocket. I used a black envelope to keep it modern and rounded the edges of the address label to soften the harsh edges a bit (the invitation also has rounded edges).The fonts were modern and slightly girly as well. Maybe next time…
monica-front.jpg monica-back.jpg monica-envelope.jpg

$3.40 each

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