In Progress…bold, colorful and patterned invitation

I received an inquiry as to whether I could do a long, narrow invitation with multiple pages that are grommeted together so the pages slide past each other instead of flipping traditional pages- of course I can! Ashley’s colors are orange and pink and she “really wants vibrant color and patterns”. So I came up with 2 different schematic designs using cardstock and various patterned papers.

#1- You can see all the patterns when the invitation is closed. Each successive page has just a strip of the pattern applied. The response card is secured to the last page with orange photo corners. I did 2 different envelopes for these as well. The patterns seem to lend themselves to a vellum envelope to allow the invitation to be the decoration of the envelope. And of course a traditonal opaque envelope.

invitation1-1.jpg  invitation1-2.jpg  invitation1-3.jpg  invitation1-4.jpg  invitation1-5.jpg  envelope-2.jpg  envelope-1.jpg

#2- This one is similar but with the patterns running across the top of the invitation. I also used some different patterns. The pattern on the response card page had butterflies in it so I used those to secure the response card. Vellum envelope

   invitation2-1.gif   invitation2-2.gif   invitation2-3.gif   invitation2-4.gif   envelope-2-2.gif

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