Classic yet Contemporary Invitation

Chrissy saw my invitation samples at a meeting with Ana from Twofoot Creative. She gave me a call because she liked how my invitations were ‘artsy’.  She didn’t have many specific wants for an invitation besides a budget and she liked the invitations that had some kind of pocket that held the information cards. The colors she wants to use are sapphire, ivory and celadon. I did a few sketches for her and there were 2 designs that she really liked. Both are pocketfolds. The first one has an ivory striped vellum inner wrap. The second one features a ribbon and tag. I used a metallic sapphire for the pocketfolds and I added a dab of chartreuse for some ‘pop’.

As of right now, Chrissy has chosen the first design with the vellum wrapper. Of course, the colors do not look nearly as good in sketches as they do in person.

chrissy1.jpg  chrissy1-2.jpg   chrissy1-3.jpg

#2chrissy2.jpg     chrissy2-2.jpg    chrissy2-3.jpg

p.s.- I don’t know why these thumbnails look so terrible, but the enlarged image is fine….

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