Multi-patterned destination pocketfold invitation

This is the sample invitation I made for Jennifer’s destination wedding in Turks & Caicos. She sent me some patterns that she liked and the colors she wanted to use: steel gray, deep yellow and a royal purple/blue. I love this color pallette- it’s definitely not what you see all the time in wedding invitations 🙂 I tweeked the patterns to incorporate them in the design. The ‘loudest’ pattern was the rattan which I thought would make a great envelope liner. The floral pattern covers the back of the inserts and the outside of the pocketfold. The ‘bubbly’ pattern accents the invitation and a larger ‘bubble’ identifies each of the inserts. The fonts and patterns create a fun, modern invitation.

This invitation is similar to her sister Suzanne’s invitations in that the invitation has to have an English and Chinese version and, of course, the traditional double happiness symbol. I used the same vintage double happiness stamp that was used on Suzanne’s invitation but I altered the red color to be more coral-y to better match Jennifer’s color scheme.

The invitation is wrapped in a band that features the postage stamps used on Jennifer’s save the dates. There are 2 inserts- an activity card and a response card with envelope.


$10.25 each

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