Peacock wedding invitations!

This is another one of those themes that I have been waiting to do and luckily Betsy came to me! Betsy was all about whimsy and I love the peacocks looking at each other on the invitation. And of course peacock feathers are always cool šŸ™‚

The invitations have a black envelope, metallic sapphire backing with a vellum peacock feather overlay. The response card is a simple postcard that shows the entire peacocks.

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3 Responses to Peacock wedding invitations!

  1. Silvia says:

    My roomie is going crazy looking for peacock themed wedding invitations, and I was wondering what the price would be for these before I show her because I dont want her to get her hopes up. Also, if they are not in her budget range, is there a way to customize the peacock theme for her budget range?

  2. Sk. says:

    Do you still make these? How much does it cost? Is it including the envelope aswell? Is it possible to add 2 extra sheets with info in the same style?

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