About Me & Contact Me

I started Square1Mailers in 2004 after receiving a request from a friend to do her wedding invitations. I had been making cards that I would send to her for years and she wanted me to do her invitations because she knew they would be something different

Later that year, I did all the items for my wedding and we ended up being featured in Modern Bride magazine!

My formal training is in architecture. I have a Masters Degree from the University of Michigan and I have 3 more exams to take to become licensed in Michigan. Needless to say I love architecture and design. I think my architectural background tends to make my invitations become more like constructs than simple paper goods. I love doing invitations because no matter what the event, the client is always excited. From picking color pallettes to coming up with something completely unique, I love all that stuff and I’m happy to help no matter how small the project.

Angela Lane



info@square1mailers.com (I apologize, this email is temporarily down while I re-work the blog. Please contact me at aaaseltine@hotmail.com)


4 Responses to About Me & Contact Me

  1. Anne Dillard says:

    Need wedding map and driving directions……..please help:)!!!!!

  2. Danielle Mattison says:

    I love the peacock wedding invatations and i would like some for my upcoming wedding. may 22 2011

  3. Kelley McCallum says:

    Hi! I tried emailing you at aaaseltine@hotmail.com but no reply:( I was wondering if you are still making invitations? I love your gold & red invitations with mums so much!!


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