Past projects :)

There are lots of past projects in the blog if you keep going back but these are a few that didn’t make it to the website. Also check out my website, for a larger gallery of examples of my work 🙂

So this invitation is from last year but never got posted anywhere. And I really like it so here it is. This was for a 4th of July picnic at a farm. Basically the invitation had to be picnic-y but also reference the holiday. I used red, white and blue as a nod to the holiday but I used the darker, more Americana versions of those colors. For the picnic part, I thought the red fabric with a field of stars and a place setting would do nicely.

z1.jpg z2x.jpg z3.jpg

$1.75 each

This is a corporate holiday card for an architect. He does these fabulously modern fireplaces. I photographed this one (the architect’s own) and cut out the glass to show the ’snow’ falling through the windows. The envelope is also falling snow vellum. The address label wraps around to become the return address with the company logo.

fireplace-front.jpg fireplace-retadd.jpg

In the real room the glass turns the corner so I did that as well in the card. The back of the card has my little tag.

fireplace-corner.jpg fireplace-inside.jpg fireplace-back.jpg

$2.50 each

This was a christmas card for Teresa based on her two cats, Enid and Jinx.

scan0005.jpg scan0006.jpg

There there are 2 cats looking out the window at the snow. The envelope is completely clear with coordinating snowflake spangled address labels. The card folds accordian style with a little Square1Mailers tag on the back.

catxmas-envelope.jpg catxmas-standing.jpg catxmas-back.jpg

$3.00 each

PUMPKIN CARVING PARTY My husband and I throw a pumpkin carving party every year. This is last year’s invitation. (see the website for others). You have to take the knife out of the pumpkin to read the invitation. The envelope was lined with a spiderweb and sealed with a spider. The back of the card has says ‘boo’ instead of Square1Mailers.

pumpkin-front.jpg pumpkin-inside-env.jpg pumpkin-invitation.jpg pumpkin-seal.jpg pumpkin-back.jpg

$2.75 each


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